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Dav, for some reason your link to Mie's CNN video will not launch.


Hmm, not sure why. But I just copied it to my own server and changed the link, so try it again.


It gives me the warning-
"This file may not play correctly because it was compressed by using a codec that is not supported".
I can see the video, but got no audio.
Ironic really, since the 'technology expert' is using my computer...

Say, anyone know of a software to convert wmv into mov or visaversa?


Yeah, I had to at first download it from the CNN site and save to disk, as I couldn't get it to play in Mozilla and had to open in directly in Windows Media Player ..after upgrading Windows Media Player when prompted. I'll see if I can somehow convert it to a better format....


CNN, isn't that aol? Whythehell are they using wmv anyway?

Don't worry about it Dav. It was good to see the pictures. Relax, revel in romance.

Tom/ from houston

Dav, work on Wondows Media not the new version 9
was able to see it at home

Tom/ from houston

wow 7 am on Saturday is early. spelling is a bit off Windows Player basic.
have a rgeat time when Mie arrrives, great video from CNN and look forward to see the mew blobb SF style. Tom

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