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Boris Anthony

Call it a fortuitous coincidence. I saw it just this morning on Seb Paquet's weblog. :)



How does this compare in practice/effectiveness to Bit Torrent?



Good question, Thomas. And it's answered at the freecache site: http://www.archive.org/about/faqs.php#FreeCache

Why not BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is good and similar to FreeCache in that it balances download "horizontically". BitTorrent uses other BitTorrent clients for this balancing; these clients often become un-available after a particular file is not popular anymore. The FreeCache system utilizes permanent FreeCaches that don't go away (although particular files get flushed out after a while). Unlike BitTorrent, the FreeCache system is transparent to the end-user. No new client or server software is required, and the files do not need to be converted. To offer a file via the FreeCache system, all you need to do is prefix the URL with http://freecache.org/

BitTorrent is a w e s o m e and Bram is a genius, but freecache is a worthy addition to the arena.

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