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Ian Kennedy

It might actually be less. Tyler, now 6, has only just grasped the concept that when you get to 999, you jump a place and turn over to 1,000 (he calls it the "wheelie thing" in reference to the odometer which I used to explain the concept). Julia, who is just shy of 4 is still blissfully oblivious of such problems of the universe.

Instead of starting the 16 hour/day counting clock at age two, you probably should reset it to six.


I'd venture to say it would be more. If you are spending 16 hours a day doing nothing but counting, while presumably eating sparse but nutrient-dense meals, then getting a solid 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night, your mind is going to enter an adnvanced zen-like meditative state that will probably keep your body stress-free and healthy enough to beat the average lifespan.

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