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Dear Dav,

Just wanted to say thanks for your honest and wise words about your daughter's birth. My wife went through almost identical processes on the way to giving birth to our daughter (Madeleine). It's hard work to start with, but fantastic hard work. Tesla is a great name, too. And your Rails stuff looks cool (I'm about to embark on getting Google Maps to play with Rails, so your code will hopefully get me started).

Best wishes to you and yours.
Elliot Smith


Hi townxelliot,

I just happened to be reminiscing about the whole ordeal (strangely I miss it!!) and found your post. We're in month 4 now, and Tesla is *so* cute and fun to be with. Whatever birth process, it all works out when the baby begins to see you as parents. However, birth is deep for the mom...I still go over the birth process and wonder about stuff. If your wife ever wants to email, feel free to have her emaail dav (dav will forward to me).

Hope all is well. Babies are the BEST!!

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