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I did not know about the potential dance minor, or the homeless night in NO. I do like the embarrasment aspect - hence the things that most people wouldn't know. Hmmm, I am going to need to think about these!


1. I broke my foot sleepwalking. I was about 12, during a period of my life when I sleepwalked frequently. I woke up back in bed with a swollen foot, later the doctor said I had clearly broken it while walking. That's the only bone I've ever broken.

2. I can't come anywear near the growing-up-taking-freezing-hose-showers bit, but I -did- also had a homeless night in New Orleans! I went to college in Austin and one year a few friends and I decided to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Trouble was, we decided this two days after Mardi Gras had already started. Even if we had money we wouldn't have been able to get a hotel that late, so we drove out and decided to just sleep in the car for a night or two. Then I lost my friends and couldn't get to the car, so I laid down on a patch of grass next to the railroad tracks near Jackson Square. The train woke up a few hours later; I was freezing cold and covered with dew. Not fun.

3. I invented the phrase "flash mob" which now appears in the Oxford English Dictionary.

4. I'm an Irish Citizen. And an American citizen.

5. You want embarrassing?

thomas payne

grew up with no heat and el? crazy stuff man. i'll have to come back and add my own 5 things... remind me.

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