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Don't really have much of an opinion on Barak Obama, (other than that I prefer him to Hilllary by a long shot...), but I don't think he's got the experience to be elected.

My prediction?

Al Gore wins a Nobel prize, and he and Chuck Hagel decide to run at the last minute,  sweeping away the rest of the lame Republican and Democrat field.


Did you ever get my message to you? Well reply to you? 0_o 


I've read a lot of his work, and I've been impressed with what he's doing from a community organizer perspective. When he speaks, he seems to be seeking to change the tone and content of regular elections. I'm not sure that gets you a winner, but it does make ya think. You can read Alex's blog if you like, since he's been studying all this for his phd.

Dav Yaginuma

brandy, ugh. i never notice the private messages on here. replying...

treb, ginevra: thanks. i'll check out alex's blog.

Btw, I agree. I don't like Hillary either. I really would prefer to have Al Gore run again (I don't know who Hagel is though). Maybe with Obama or Clinton as a VP would be a winning ticket. Or Nader :)


My opinion is that people like guys like Obama who can say things that sound promising. "Feel good" people. Clinton was like that. I don't know of any other president who did so little who people love so much. He was great at making the American people feel like he was taking care of the country and really cared about people. Obama appears to be similar. Like you said, there's not much of a record to look at. Just his people skills.

Hillary... can't even stand to hear her speak. Seriously, with this campaigning happening so early this time around, I think everyone is going to tire of hearing her voice. Even if she's saying something nice, I just want to change the channel so I can get her voice out of my head. :-)


Elections are always about picking the least horrible out of all the available evil.The US voters made a terrible awful mistake in 2000, the Democrats made a terrible mistake in 2004 running Kerry and voters responded by again making a terrible mistake and reelecting the worst possible evil.

So whats the worst can happen if voters finally hippie up and elect a clean-cut idealist like Carter or JFK or Obama?

Oh, right.

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