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Oh man are people starting to rub it in about Vox Mobile being single-photo right now! :-) Had to start somewhere. Hope we can add features like that soon.

By the way, which Treo do you have? 650/680/700?


I don't understand the advantage of creating a post in your mobile Vox as opposed to moblogging. Somebody explain!!! haha

Dav Yaginuma

Schomer, no worries. It's a step in the nice direction. If you really want to get me excited though, figure out how to use bluetooth gps to geotag the posts as well. I was messing with that for a bit then got distracted when it got a little hard. But the hard part for me was just dealing with the photo/filesystem if I recall, and you seem to have that figured out. The BT GPS part wasn't too hard. I have a Treo 700p btw.

Brandy, it's a little nicer than email now, but can get even better over time while email affordances probably won't change much. One example at the moment is that you can set it to delete photos/videos after you upload. That will save some cleanup time I have to do manually every now and then.


The whole cleanup over the phone/smartphone thing is cool. However, I just have a hard time believing that making a post in Vox over the phone is going to be better than email! haha But I can see how we can participate in the Vox Hunts and Qotd...but that's really it. :(


Brandy, are you talking about email on a mobile device, or email in general?  You should take a look at the Vox Mobile app. The app differs, depending on the platform of your device, in terms of features. But all of them, in my opinion are better than email.

The Windows Mobile version offers the most flexibility and automation. You can simply take a picture and have it appear on your Vox blog with ZERO clicking or interaction. Snap. Done. Or, you can customize the app to prompt you after capturing a new photo or video - to ask if you would like it to appear on Vox.

You can also set it up to automatically set the title, privacy, and tags for new posts. Or, you can edit the title, privacy and tags for each post.

You can't do any of this with the email-to-blog feature.

Instead of trying to imagine it, why not give it a look? :-)

I couldn't install it on my last sony(w810) phone. (I was using Opera mini and it wouldn't let me log in on Vox so....I tried to install it. Didn't work.)

Truthfully, it sounds like what my new Sony phone does. It has a "blog now" feature and it takes the photo and you type in your title and text and then blog it and it goes straight to your blogger blog. Pretty cool. But yeah.

(Oh and to point out, you can set up your email address with tags, and what privacy setting you want it on. However, you can't add in new tags or change the setting at any time unless you go in manually and change it, I guess. But these things are possible with email-to-blog.)

Either way, Thank you for explaining what it does more, all I really saw was a single post and was baffled wondering why he didn't just moblog it. haha You can get more pictures in that way. Sounds cool! I'll try it when I can. :P


Vox Mobile, currently, only runs on Windows Mobile, Palm, and Series 60
devices - not the W810. But.. we are working on a J2ME version that
will run on your device, so maybe you can check that out when we have
it. The first version is going to be very minimal... just our first
touch into J2ME apps, so we're starting simple, then building. It will
be similar to what you have built-in for Blogger.

BTW, I think it's interesting that you consider email "moblogging."
Isn't moblogging mobile blogging, from any mobile device? :-)

I wish I could share everything we talk about here, about the mobile apps - where they are going, etc. It is some very exciting stuff, coming in the not too distant future...


Well the only time I honestly "email to blog" is on my phone. I never actually use the email to blog function on my computer. I think that's kind of silly.

I'll have to check it out though.

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