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brilliant idea. i really dig the concept...even though I just turned 37, I'm feeling the slow down in many ways and through many facets of my life. That really shouldn't be the case. It's all about context, really. Thanks for posting this. Something to think about in all of us.

Tom Taylor

I actually started this blog a year ago in hopes of forcing myself to shoot more. I use to take pictures almost every day (usually because my job required it), but had slowed down to the popint of picking up my camera every few months. The blog has helped, but I still feel like I need a kick in the ass.

Dav Yaginuma

Thanks to both of you for the comments. I'm happy to report that while my first project wasn't something I normally would have thought good enough to release yet, it feels damn good having put it out there anyhow. And in general my idle-time mind is busy with more ideas for that comic strip and other projects. I think this thing is working!


Just checked out your comic strip! Bravo! It's all about getting it out there...that's what I need to remember...I'm too much of a perfectionist sometimes.  I think creativity is about flux and living in the moment...not dwelling on it...well at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Thanks for sharing the link to your first of 52! Enjoyed it.

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