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Im voting for Barak Obama, I live in Ohio and I know more about Dennis Kucinich. Barak may be just another politician but he's a democrat and he's not Hilary. Kucinich will never get the nomination, although he may run as a indepenent.


My friend is a person you can speak to about volunteering to support the campaign. Let me know if you need her contact info.

Dav Yaginuma

Someone in SF? Sure.


Sent it to your gmail

Beau Smith

Dav - What do you think of Ron Paul?

Dav Yaginuma

I don't know much about him, but I did see this video the other day which made me inclined to think he's a good guy too.

Ron Paul talks about Kucinich

Dav Yaginuma

Kucinich and Paul both remind me of the Deep Thought from Jack Handy:

"I hope if dogs ever take over the world and they choose a king, they
don't just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with
some good ideas."

Unfortunately, the American political system goes by size apparently.


I find that the majority of Paul's ideas fall into the "not so good" category.

Dav Yaginuma

Hmm, his record as shown at that link indeed isn't so hot compared to quite a few of my values. Some of his stuff related to the Federal Reserve and Banks sound like they could be good ideas though. It doesn't make any sense to me that a private corporation is acting as the national treasury.

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